By: redd-monitor

The UK Financial Conduct Authority has taken Capital Alternatives and several other firms to the High Court, accusing them of “promoting and/or operating collective investment schemes (CISs) in the UK illegally and without our authorisation”.

On its website, Capital Alternatives claims to be “The UK’s leading alternative investment promoters,” offering various products for sale, including palm oil, Australian wheat, Australian reforestation, gold, silver and platinum, memorabilia, and wine. The court action taken by the Financial Conduct Authority focusses on two investment schemes:

  • African Land (also known as Agri Capital) which offers investments in rice farm harvests in Sierra Leone, and is operated by African Land Limited.
  • Reforestation Projects (also known as Capital Carbon Credits) which offers investments in carbon credits generated from land in Sierra Leone, Brazil and Australia. It is operated by Reforestation Projects Limited.