Lima,  11  December  2014

The Peoples Summit on Climate  Change,  held  in  Lima  from  8  to  11  December  2014,  is  an   expression   of   the   mobilization   and   resistance   of   a   wide   range   of   Peruvian   and  international   organizations,   movements,   platforms,   social   networks   and   women,  peasant,   indigenous,   youth,   environmental,   religious,   artistic   and   cultural   groups.   We  have   met   to   continue   our   debates   and   share   a   variety   of   ways   to   resist   and   fight   for  the   construction   of   social   justice,   against   the   patriarchal,   racist   and   homophobic  capitalist   system,   for   the   respect   of   the   diversity   of   life   without   exploitation   nor  spoliation   of   natural   resources,   for   the   right   of   the   people   to   decide   upon   their  community-­‐based   energy   sources,   for   the   reduction   of   social   inequality,   and   to  promote   Good   Living   as   a   model   of   life   in   harmony   with   Nature   and   Mother   Earth.

Capital is looking for ways to overcome its systemic   crisis   and   therefore   imposes   the  capture  of  water,  the  plundering  of  territories  and  the  natural  heritage,  predation,  the  production   of   fossil   fuels,   increasing   exploitation   of   workers,   the   repression   of   social  movements,   and   physical   and   psychological   violence,   while   tightening   its   mechanisms  for  the  criminalization  of  peoples´  struggles,  militarization  and  territorial  control.  All  of  this   is   being   encouraged   by   media   corporations.   Adding   to   this   reality,   we   find   is   the  capture   of   states   and   their   bureaucracies   by   economic   powers,   the   servicing   of   unfair  and   corrupt   debt,   and   a   variety   of   facts   favoring   exclusively   the   real   powers   behind  changing   governments,   which   follow   the   mandate   of   national   companies   and   big  transnational   corporations   and   their   political   operators.

Under  these  circumstances,  the  Peoples  Summit  represents  the  voice  of  the  exploited  and  oppressed  sectors  of  the  world,  of  those  marginalized  by  an  economic  and  cultural  system,  which  subordinates  them  to  racist,  fundamentalist  and  male  chauvinist  sectors  and   employers,   who   benefit   from   the   capitalist   model.   At   this   crucial moment   for  humanity,   when   the   extremely   serious   climate   change   we   are   currently   suffering  requires   urgent   actions   by   global   society   we   call   on   the   governments   and   the   United  Nations  system,  meeting  at  the  COP  20,  to  adopt  the  necessary  agreements,  which  will  respect   and   value   the   lives   of   original,   peasant   and   urban   peoples   and   promote   the  preservation   of   global   biodiversity.   We   reject   any   market   mechanism,   which   might   be  suggested  as  a  solution  to  climate  and  environmental  problems.

As   we   meet   at   this   summit   we   take   up   and   continue   earlier   struggles,   which   have  become   part   of   the   fabric   of   our   peoples;   today   we   can   build   on   the   strength   gained  from   collective   achievement.   On   this   basis,   we   declare   and   demand:

The  governments  of  the  world  must  respect  our  territories,  our  rights  and  our  ways  of  life,   our   cultures,   customs   and   views   concerning   life   and   the   world   we   live   in.   We  denounce   the   exploitation   of   our   natural   resources   and   our   territories   by   the   mining  industry,   which   threaten   our   livelihoods,   the   sources   of   our identity   and   the  harmonious  relationship  between  our  communities  and  Mother  Earth.  We  demand  the  recognition   of   the   territorial   property   rights   of   the   communities,   which   traditionally  lived   on   their   land.   We   neither   accept   any   external   control   of   these   territories   nor   do  we   agree   to   the   negotiation   and   implementation   of   false   climate   solutions.  Governments   must   focus   on   the   respect   of   our   ancestral   ways   of   life   and   the  recognition  of  our  self-­‐determination  as  nations  and  original  peoples.

We  also  make  it  clear  that  the  series  of  initiatives  aimed  at  reverting  the  trend  towards  climate   destruction,   into   which   our   planet   has   been   steered,   must   take   into   account  the  historical  responsibilities  of  the  developed  countries,  as  well  as  the  recognition  and  reparation  of  the  historical  ecological  debt  owed  to  the  global  South.  More  specifically,  private   equity-­‐owned   transnational   corporations   from   developed   countries   must   be  held  responsible  for  their  worldwide  actions  and  practices.  We  call  for  full  justice  in  the  pollution   cases   involving,   among   others,   Newmont   and   Doe   Run   in   Peru,   as   well   as  Chevron-­‐Texaco,  which  provoked  one  of  the  worst  ecocides  in  the  history  of  the  planet  during  its  path  through  the  Amazon.

We   ask   governments   and   companies   to   accept   and   respect   our   right   to   decent   work,  including   the   full   exercise   of   individual   and   collective   rights,   and   to   guarantee   a   fair  transition   process   to   a   world,   which   will   enable   us   to   improve   our   quality   of   life.   We  demand  guaranteed  universal  access  to  social  protection  and  security  systems,  respect  of  our  freedom  of  association,  and  a  fair,  equitable  distribution  of  the  wealth  produced  thanks  to  our  work  and  our  knowledge.

In   our   view,   actions   against   climate   change   will   not   be   efficient   or   viable,   unless   they  are   promoted   as   part   of   effective   public   policies   favoring   small   family-­‐based,   peasant  farming,   land   reform,   food   sovereignty   and   security   for   our   peoples,   self-­‐sustained  production   on   an   agro-­‐ecological,   indigenous   base   without   genetic   modifications   or  the  use  of  agro-­‐chemicals,  oriented  towards  human  consumption  and  the  preservation  of  our  biodiversity.  We  believe  that  in  order  to  move  forward  towards  a  fair  world  with  a  local,  solidarity-­‐oriented,  cooperative,  feminist  and  communal  economy  it  is  essential  to  recognize  both  the  right  to  food  and  the  enormous  share  of  peasant  family  farming,  which   contributes   more   than   70%   of   world   food   production.   We   call   for   a   stop   of  agrofuel   production   and   expansion,   which   lead   to   deforestation,   land   erosion,   as   well  as  water  and  air  pollution,  and  amount  to  a  new  form  of  territorial  recolonization.

As   part   of   the   strategy   of   capital,   over   the   past   few   years   the   process   of   privatization,  commercial  exploitation  and  financialization  of  nature,  as  expressed  in  the  principles  of  green  economy  and  its  false  solutions  for  the  climate  crisis,  has  deepened.  These  false  solutions   include,   among   others,   Clean   Development   Mechanisms   (CDM),   Reduced  Emissions   from   Deforestation   and   Forest   Degradation   (REDD)   projects,   genetic  modification,   agrofuels,   geoengineering,   hydroelectric   megaprojects,   nuclear   power  plants,  hydraulic  fracturing  (fracking),  and  climate-­‐smart  agriculture.

The   strategy   of   capital   also   includes   what   we   call   the   architecture   of   impunity   of  transnational   corporations   and   governments   through   free   trade   agreements   and  investment   protection   treaties,   among   others,   which   aim   at   the   privatization   of   basic  services   such   as   access   to   water,   education,   health   care   and   housing,   and   thereby  infringe   the   human   rights   of   workers   and   peoples.   The   Peoples   Summit   rejects   these  strategies  of  capital.

As   said   before,   we   denounce   the   capitalist-­‐patriarchal   system,   which     sustains   the  oppression  and  control  of  women´s  bodies,  work  and  lives,  encourages  sexual  violence  and  the  trafficking  of  women,  and  marginalizes  them  from  a  number  of  areas  of  social  and  public  life.  It  will  be  necessary  to  move  forward  to  another  social  division  of  labor,  which  will  eliminate  the  subordination  of  women´s  work,  and  which  will  neither  make  their   care   activities   invisible,   without   which   social   reproduction   would   be   impossible,  nor   subordinate   them   to   the   mandate   of   the   market.   We   demand   a   radical   change  towards  the  recognition  of  reproductive  work  as  the  basis  of  human  sustainability  and  the  sustainability  of  the  relation  between  individuals  and  communities.  All  alternatives  must   include   a   feminist   perspective   and   encourage   a   fairer   relationship   between   men  and  women.

We   advocate   the   promotion   of   responsible,   unalienated   consumption   based   on   the  adoption   of   healthy   habits   and   patterns   in   line   with   human   needs,   not   subject   to   the  ambitions   of   capital.   A   kind   of   consumption,   which   will   neither   contribute   to  environmental   pollution   nor   to   climate   change.   We   encourage   the   responsible   use   of  vital   resources,   recycling   and   the   sustainable   handling   of   solid   waste.   We   commit  ourselves   to   promote   citizen´s   awareness   concerning   the   actions   we   might   take   as  individuals  or  collectives,  in  order  to  move  forward  towards  a  fairer  world.

It   is   the   states´   duty   to   take   decisions   and   adopt   immediate   measures   for   the  protection,  conservation  and  recovery  of  basins,  ecosystems,  high  mountains,  highland  wetlands   and   wetlands   in   general,   uplands,   steppes,   forests,   aquifers,   lakes,   rivers,  springs,   and   coastal   marine   areas,   all   of   which   feed   Mother   Earth.   These   ecosystems  and   water   resources   are   threatened   by   extractive   industries,   such   as   the   mining,  petrol,  coal  and  gas  industries,  by  the  clearing  of  forests  and  by  the  dumping  of  waste,  among  other  causes.  The  human  right  to  equal  access  to  healthy  water  and  sanitation  services   must   be   guaranteed.   Only   public   companies   in   the   hands   of   the   public   can  provide  such  guarantees.

The   Peoples   Summit   questions   the   inconsistency   of   the   Peruvian   government   hosting  the   COP   20,   given   its   recent   environmental,   labor   and   tax   policies   favoring   private  investment   and   reducing   standards   and   regulations,   all   of   which   threatens   collective,  environmental  and  cultural  rights.  We  denounce  the  repression  suffered  by  indigenous  representatives,   trade   union   and   peasant   leaders   and   environmental   activists,   as   well  as   the   harassment   of   delegations   to   the   Peoples   Summit   from   various   regions   of   the  country  and  from  abroad.

The Peoples Summit questions the corporations capture of  the United Nations Framework Convention   on Climate Change. Big  transnational corporations“accompany” governments during global negotiations, in order to agree on measures,whose purpose is limited exclusively to whitewash industrial countries from theirresponsibilities for greenhouse emissions and for bearing the main responsibility forclimate change. We ask for domestic and foreign debt service payments – which stifleour peoples and limit the states ́ capacity to address the basic needs of the population– to be assigned to the fight against the environmental and climate crisis, because thesurvival of Humanity and of all living species on the planet depends on it.

The Peoples Summit welcomes the courageous and enthusiastic march of tens ofthousands of citizens from around the world, who joined the World March in Defence of Mother Earth (10 December) in Lima and other cities around the globe. Thisimpressive concentration of organizations, movements and delegations from Peru andnumerous countries is a clear indication of the position of peoples in favor of a fair,democratic world, which guarantees the harmony between the human being and therights of Nature and Mother Earth.

We will actively strengthen the coordination of our struggle in the course of the ongoing multiple mobilizations during 2015, with a peak of activities in Paris, France, where the COP 21 will take place. We, the social movements of the world, are preparing ourselves to continue our struggle for the defence of life in each of our territories, until our demands are met. We will keep up our struggle until the system changes… Not the climate.

Peoples Summit

Lima, 11 December 2014